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About us

We have started our business in February 2011 coinciding with the beginning of the Year of the Metal Rabbit according to the Chinese calender; hence the name metallhase - metal-hare. Our team consists of Karen and Florian both with a passion for cycling, working as architects in Vienna, Austria.


While looking for an alternative to the car and doing some research about Human Powered Vehicles we came upon the 2-Rider by Pacific Cycles. Unlike numerous oddities found on the internet we were immediately impressed by this 4-wheel bike for 2. So we sent for a 2-Rider and tested it for everyday use. Easily convinced by it's quality and assets we decided to bring this two-seater double bike to Austria offering it for sale on a small scale basis.


In the beginning our business was based mostly on idealism. However there is a steadily growing demand for this product, not only in Austria. Due to this success and the extensive positive experience we have gained cycling with the 2-Rider day in day out we have decided to expand our market presence to the whole of Europe. Furthermore since 2015 we have improved the electric versions of this 4-wheel tandem offering a number of upgrading options.


We are now the specialists when it comes to the 2-Rider and can therefore claim that we have acquired a lot of experience and know how. If you are thinking about getting yourself a 2-Rider, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer you individual and professional advice. We will do our best to deal with your personal wishes – however extraordinary they may be.

Karen and Florian relaxing side by side on the 4-wheel double bike in the snow on a sunny winterday.

How to assemble the 2-Rider 4-Wheel-Bicycle for two Persons.

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Metallhase - Bunny goes Lobau

Metallhase - Magic Bunny Ride

Looking for an alternative to the car we have come across the 2-Rider. Since 2011 we are enjoying cycling around together with this wonderful 4-wheel-double-bike come rain or come shine!

Mission Statement

One more bike, one less car -  is the philosophy of Pacific Cycles, the producer of the 2-Rider We couldn't agree more and are appealing to ecologically minded people to consider sustainable mobility and an alternative to the car.


Statistics have shown time and again that most journeys made by car are only a few kilometres long. This is precisely where the 2-Rider comes in as an adequate alternative to car driving. We are on the road with this unique double bike for a few years now and are virtually causing no pollution in everyday traffic or taking up hardly any space with our vehicle. Furthermore we are saving time and money.


According to studies the average driving speed in the city rarely exceeds 15-20km which corresponds to the average cycling speed. So there is really no point in wanting to go much faster.


If you need to travel longer distances and public transport is not one of your options you can easily rent a car. Generally you are better off doing that without generating running costs.


metallhase is keen on making a modest contribution by providing the 2-Rider as an intelligent product granting ecologically minded people a viable solution for their individual mobility needs.

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We Invite You to Come and Test  this Unique 4-Wheel Bike for 2!

Come with your friend, partner or child and take the 2-Rider for a spin. You will be amazed by the exceptionally sporty driving experience and the feeling of security when riding on 4 wheels! Try out the two seater bike in various motorized versions. Get in touch, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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