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Where can I buy the 2-Rider?

You can purchase the 2-Rider directly with metallhase. We provide the 2-Rider throughout the EU. Do give us a call or contact us by e-mail – we will gladly make you an offer!


Can I buy the 2-Rider anywhere else?

You can also purchase the 2-Rider directly from Pacific Cycles, Taiwan. Considering extra costs for freight, customs, taxes and other fees, this adds up to quite an amount. Better to buy form us. Here you have the chance to look at and test drive the 2-Rider. Furthermore we provide attractive motor versions and can customize your personal 4-wheel-bike just the way you want it.


Do you offer any special service or customizing?

You have the chance to look at and test drive the 2-Rider. We are always open to your wishes and can assemble your personal 2-Rider according to your needs.


How much are forwarding costs?

Generally the 2-Rider is sent in a cardboard box pre-assembled. Mailing costs depend on delivery address and amount to about 100-300 €. Contact us, we would gladly make an offer.


Can you send the 2-Rider already assembled?

In principle yes, however you would have to count on higher mailing costs for extra packing and bulky goods. We would gladly make an offer!


What if something gets broken? How do I get it fixed?

Any bicycle shop can service and repair this bicycle-for-two. There's no big secret involved, you can also fix it yourself if you know about bikes.


Where can I get spare parts?

Most of the components are ordinary bicycle parts and can be purchased in standard bike stores. Special parts can be ordered directly from metallhase.


How fast can I go with the 2-Rider?

The 2-Rider isn't quite as fast as a touring bike but considerably faster than rickshaws or surreys. On flat terrain you can go about 16 km/h without electric assist and about 20-25 km/h with electric motor.


Until which speed will I get assistance from the electric motor?

The pedelec central motor assists at the highest level until 25 km/h. This is the speed limit for electric assistance according to the EU legislation (for bikes without operating license and compulsory insurance).


Don't you feel insecure riding the 2-Rider?

Not at all! It takes some getting used to for maybe the first few 100 meters and then you feel much safer than riding your two-wheeler.


How much does the 2-Rider weigh?

The basic 2-Rider weighs about 38 kg, the 2-Rider electric about 46 kg.


What are the measurements of the 2-Rider?

The 2-Rider is 205 cm long, 102 cm wide and about 110 cm high.


Can I take the 2-Rider on board a train?

You can if there is a freight wagon. The doors of bike cars are usually not wide enough. So the trains that will carry the 2-Rider are limited.


Any other ways of transporting the 2-Rider?

For instance you can put the 2-Rider in the trunk of a van or on a trailer. We have even seen one of our customers invent a ramp so he could transport this double bicycle on the roof of his car.


Can I go off road with the 2-Rider?

You can ride the 2-Rider on dirt tracks and such. If you want to ride the 2-Rider off road it is advisable to add mud guards and maybe gas spring shock absorbers and stronger rims with thicker spokes. Please note that this would void the manufacturer's guarantee.


Can just one person ride the 2-Rider by him- or herself?

Yes of course. You only need to take care taking right hand bends. Taking them too fast without counter weight you might tilt a little.


Can kids go on the 2-Rider?

Yes they can! The 2-Rider is designed for persons of 140 cm or more. If need be, smaller persons can also ride if the bottom bracket is fixed permanently more to the rear end.


What are the advantages compared to a normal tandem?

The obvious advantage is sitting side by side and being able to chat with each other while cycling. The riders are not obstructing each others view and can each pedal to their own liking as each one has an individual 8-speed derailleur.


What are the disadvantages compared to a normal tandem?

Higher air-, frictional-, and rolling- resistance has an adverse effect on the achievable speed. This can easily be compensated by adding an electric motor as provided by metallhase.


How far can I go with one battery?

The 2-Rider electric comes in 2 motorized versions. The motor with the 250W drive unit is  extremely efficient. Using the 12.5Ah-battery you can expect an operating range of 40-100km on flat terrain. The motor with the 500W drive unit fitted with the 11.6Ah-battery will take you about more than half as far depending on driver performance etc.


How long does the battery last?

According to the producer's specifications the LiPo battery can be charged for about 700 cycles. Under realistic conditions you can count on 500 charging cycles and a life span of at least 2 years.


Is the 2-Rider licensed for traffic?

According to Austrian traffic regulations the 2-Rider is a multitrack cycle and as such not liable to registration up to a maximal motorization of 600W. This applies to the rest of the EU for all e-bikes up to 250W. Beyond that, according to EU law you would be required to obtain an operating license and liability insurance when riding your e-bike in road traffic. We cannot really say to what extent this applies to two person bikes, as we do not know of any jurisdiction so far.


Can you go on bike lanes with the 2-Rider?

A lot of bike lanes are wide enough. According to Austrian traffic regulations vehicles that are wider than 80cm are to ride on the street. In practice this rule is not executed. You will have to find out what rules are applied in your country or your region.


How can I park the 2-Rider?

You can park the 2-Rider on the street or on the pavement if wider than 2,5 m (according to Austrian traffic regulations).


How can I store the 2-Rider?

The 2-Rider can also stand up vertically and thus only needs 1 sqm storage space.


What do I do if I don't have a garage?

If covered you can leave the 2-Rider outdoors as most of its parts are non-corrosive.


Where is the 2-Rider manufactured?

The 2-Rider is made by Pacific Cycles, a middle-sized company in Taiwan, producing high quality special bikes.


Are there bikes similar to the 2-Rider on the market?

Yes, there are some smaller manufacturers in USA and Europe that produce quadracycles and 2-person bikes. These are not as high-quality as the 2-Rider and considerably heavier in general.


Is there a role model for the 2-Rider?

Yes, until 2007 a similar tandem-bike was produced in Switzerland by ZEM which went by the name of 2-Cycle. It was considerably more expensive than the 2-Rider.


Is there a competitor product?

There is an enterprise in the Netherlands called Quattrocycle who are making 4-wheel bikes for 2 and 4 persons for some years now. Though these bikes are technically ok and moderately priced they are made out of steel and are much heavier than the 2-Rider.

How to assemble the 2-Rider 4-Wheel-Bicycle for two Persons.

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