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What's new?

metallhase believes the 2-Rider is currently the best side-by-side tandem bike on the market. It is the legitimate successor of the legendary 2-Cycle by ZEM, a Swiss brand, just better done and lighter.


Compared to most four-wheel-bicycles, quad cycles, quadricycles or quadracycles as they are called, like the Surrey Bike and the Rhoades-Car just to name a few, the 2-Rider by metallhase is light and sporty enabling even untrained bikers to go on extensive bike tours.


This two seater bike in the basic version weighs less than 40kg, is about 2m long and about 1m wide. This makes it smaller and lighter than most of its competitors. The 2-Rider can also stand up vertically and thus only needs 1 sqm storage space.


The frame is totally made out of aluminium alloy making this 4-wheel bike light and also stable. All 4 wheels are independently suspended and well shock absorbed. This unique quadricycle runs smoothly and steadily even off road.


The 2-Rider is equipped with a centre point steering with Ackermann geometry which guarantees taking the bends smoothly and safely and keeping the bike aligned. an 8-speed dérailleur is provided on either side with separate grip shifts (one on the handle bar on the driver's side and one next to the seat on the buddy's side) with a gear range of 3:1 so even steep hills can be climbed.


Seats can be continuously adjusted to height of the riders. The handlebar is just as easily adjustable in height. On demand the bottom bracket can be moved forward or backward permanently for individual adjustment.

Light and sporty 2-Rider 4-wheel bike - Product image side view
Two additional Kid Seats may be installed and fixed in front
Canopy hard top as a shelter from the sun and the rain
Pedelec central motor for 2-Rider rated at 250 or 500 watts
Centre point steering Ackermann geometry for smoothly and safe run
Elastomer shock absorber for smooth road performance.
Double 8-speed gears
Large luggage tray with different sized compartments for transport
Adjastable Safety Belts for both seats

Kid Seats



The 2-Rider is designed for 2 persons. 2 child seats can be added in the front of the bike thus turning it into a family bike.



The canopy is a hard top accessory out of plastic that serves as shelter from sun and to some extent from rain and can be just as easily mounted and dismounted and stored separately.

2-Rider Motor System


The 2-Rider is equipped with a central motor. This is a Pedelec motor offering assistance to the rider when pedalling. We can provide Pedelec central motors rated at 250 or 500 watts.

Centre Point Steering


The 2-Rider is equipped with a centre point steering with Ackermann geometry which guarantees taking the bends smoothly and safely.

Elastomer Shock Absorber


All 4 wheels are suspended separately. Elastomer is used to absorb rough shocks and provides for smooth road performance.

2 x 8 Speed Gears


An 8-speed dérailleur is provided on either side with separate grip shifts. Both riders can choose individual gears and pedal to his or her liking.

Luggage Tray


Large luggage tray with different sized compartments for drinks and luggage under the seats comes as a standard feature.

Safety Belts


Both seats can be easily adjusted to individual height of the riders and are equipped with adjustable safety belts.


Seat frame:



BB Parts:
Chain wheel:

Free wheel:

Shock absorber:




Brake lever:

Luggage tray:

aluminium 7005/T6 red/silver powder-coated
aluminium hard-anodised with sliding rail
independent aluminium swing arms powder-coated

20" alloy Alex DM-18 36H with 14G SS-spokes
alloy hubs with sealed bearings
BMX-tires Kenda F, F 20"x1.95", R 20x2.125"

Tien Hsin TH-888 1-1/8“

Tien Hsin TH-7420
Apex FCS20 38T

alloy 170mm silver
Sun Race CSM63-8BV, 8-speed, 12-34T
centre point steering  with Ackerman geometry

maintenance-free elastomer
Shimano Alivio 8-speed silver
grip-shift black

1-piece plastic high-impact formed with foam pads

alloy 15 degree, 40mm rise, polished
alloy 30 degree, 110mm extension, polished

Tectro 836AL V-brake black

ORO-EX-01LK with parking function silver

alloy silver powder-coated
plastic grey with bottle holder


Kid seats:


Motor set:


plastic high-impact formed with alloy frame & seat belts

hard-plastic top grey with alloy frame

Bafang BBS01 36V250W or BBS02 48V500W

Li-Ion-Battery 36V/12.5Ah or 48V/11.6Ah

Weight and dimensions:

Wheel track:

Wheel base:




Pack size:

front 92 cm, back 72 cm
150 cm
L: 205 cm, W: 102 cm, H: 110 cm
2-Rider basic: 38 kg; 2-Rider electric: 46 kg
200 kg (2 persons + 2 kids)
Cardboard box 176x112x40 cm (without Pallet)

2-Rider 4-wheel bike provided in 2 electric versions, product image
2-Rider with two kid seats and canopy top, product image

Since 2015 metallhase has made some modifications and is now equipping the 2-Rider with Bafang mid drive units instead of the former Sunstar mid drive motors. Bafang drive units are not only more powerful, they can also additionally be operated with a thumb throttle to assist when starting. These drive units are fitted with a speed sensor and not torque controlled as were the motors by Sunstar.


Bafang mid drive units offer a good combination of strong torque, high efficiency with low power consumption and noise output. The mid drive motor transfers power through the bikes gears, meaning the motor can operate within its optimum RPM range which is ideal for hill climbing.


metallhase is providing the 2-Rider electric in 2 different motor versions, the Bafang BBS01 with 36V250W and the Bafang BBS02 with 48V500W. The 500W drive unit delivers twice the torque of the 250W drive unit and thus delivers twice the performance - consuming twice as much battery power.


It is also important to note that in the EU apart from Austria e-bikes with more than 250W are required to obtain an operating license and liability insurance when used in road traffic. It should be examined individually as to how the local legal regulations provide for exemptions regarding two seater bicycles.


Technical details of electric equipment:


Crank set:

Control unit:




pedal-assist Bafang BBS01 36V250W or BBS02 48V500W

chain wheel 44T, crank 170 mm
C961 tachometer, odometer, mode selection, charge indicator
LiPo-battery 36V15Ah or 48V12.5Ah (HL-case
charging capacity 3-4A, charging time 4 hrs approx.

50-60 km in flat terrain at medium duty.

Formerly the 2-Rider electric has been equipped with a 24V9Ah-battery. Due to the implementation of the new motors the batteries were replaced with 36V12.5Ah or 48V11.6Ah batteries respectively. The recent generation of 2-Riders is being delivered with 36V15Ah or 48V12.5Ah-batteries respectively. These batteries come in modern HL-cases. The range of these batteries is about 50-60 km, naturally depending on terrain and operation mode. You can also order even stronger batteries with 36V17.4Ah or 48V14.5Ah respectively, so your 2-Rider will run for 60-80 km.

How to assemble the 2-Rider 4-Wheel-Bicycle for two Persons.

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Metallhase - Bunny goes Lobau

Metallhase - Magic Bunny Ride











We Invite You to Come and Test  this Unique 4-Wheel Bike for 2!

Come with your friend, partner or child and take the 2-Rider for a spin. You will be amazed by the exceptionally sporty driving experience and the feeling of security when riding on 4 wheels! Try out the two seater bike in various motorized versions. Get in touch, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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